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Whitcomb Farm Solar

Project Testimonial(s):

“Encore led the engineering, permitting, and community-relations aspects of the 3.6 MW Whitcomb Farm Solar project in Essex Junction, currently the largest solar project in Vermont. I basically originated the project and Encore did all the heavy lifting. Their working relationships with state regulators proved to be very strong, their forecasts on each step of the process were accurate, and their work was spectacularly good. They consistently under-promised and over-performed. Bottom line, they did great work and I trust Encore implicitly.”

– Charlie Smith, Charles P. Smith Consulting

"I was very pleased with the outcome of my investment with Encore, which was used to facilitate the development of a number of important and exciting early solar energy projects in my home state of Vermont. The team at Encore carefully managed my investment and provided me with consistent updates to ensure that I was kept abreast of all developments."

– Jerry Greenfield, Founder, Ben and Jerry’s

“We were thrilled with the outcome of our work with Encore on the siting of a solar array on our active dairy farm in Essex Junction, Vermont. Encore’s work resulted in an annual lease payment that provides us with the opportunity to improve our farmstead while preserving topsoil integrity. Farming has always involved land, sunlight, and water to produce value; we are pleased to be able to diversify our farming operations to include renewable electricity generation in addition to forage crops and dairy.”

– Meg Armstrong, Owner, Whitcomb Farm

“We partnered with Encore on a C&I solar PV investment opportunity and were extremely satisfied with the process and the outcome of the partnership. Encore consistently managed all risks associated with the project, and delivered on their scope of services in a timely and effective manner — ultimately resulting in a strong return on investment for Walden. We look forward to working with Encore again in the near future.”

– Henry Weitzner, Founder, Walden Renewables

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